Commission - PLAY

I was contacted by a company in London to create artworks based on their values. The first artwork I worked on was based on their value "PLAY". I visited their space in order to get measurements and understand what colours would work in the office and how to increase play and productivity at the same time. 

In order to start working on the composition and movements, I let my memories flow. I can hear my mother calling me back home from the balcony, she is standing there waving her hand asking me to go home. It's summer, I say goodbye to my friends and I look up at the sky. The sun is slowly
disappearing in the horizon almost touching the sea creating a pastel spectacle. There is no fear, no worries, just a long summer ahead full of games and company. For this painting I was inspired by my inner child using pastel iridescent colours as well as bolder colours to create contrast. This painting is 
 spontaneous, fun, radiating energy and I used chromology to convey these feelings, memories and emotions. Pastel colours are often used to lift up moods and increase play and creativity.


Female artist standing next to abstract pink paintingFluid art in pink, red and green


To create this painting  connected with my inner child, allowing any emotion and feeling related to play to spontaneously take over in order to move the paint on the canvas. In this instance, I did not blow the paint but I allowed the movements of my body to move the paint, letting it flow naturally without judgment. Key of this painting is also the concept of intuition, I created a precise grid where lied down the paint but intuitively move the paint allowing any emotion to rise. Like all my paintings,I want to create a moment to pause and reflect, be present in the moment. When looking at this painting I imagine the audience tapping in their inner child, allowing themselves to recall moments of play and creativity.

Alessia Camoirano Bruges art detail  


I used shades of Persian baby pink and pearl pink as well as other light pink shades mixed by myself. Inspired by nature, pink recalls the sky. Light Pink is a colour that helps mood regulation and is associated with play, gratitude ,innocence, love and balance. Pearl pink gives an iridescent and sophisticated touch.

Iridescent Violet Blue - This is an interesting colour as it's actually a bridge between hot pink and violet. Darker shades of pink are associated with playfulness and is often used to inspire people to delve into their creative side and embrace playfulness and spontaneity. I balanced its striking shade with baby pinks. 

Pearl Lilac - Recalling the sky, pastel pearl lilac is often used to accentuate sophisticated designs. In color psychology is often associated with  friendliness, extroversion and open mind.



Fluid Art pink

I also used bold iridescent colours to create contrast and radiate energy, giving a fun look which is balanced by using pastel colours. 

Iridescent Orange - creates feelings of excitement, warmth and according to color psychology it increases creativity. It's a vibrant and energetic colour which will stand out in the painting. In nature it recallsthe sunset. 

Iridescent Light Blue Green and Pastel Blue -these colors holds many meanings in chromology, in this painting used them to create contrast with the orange and bring a sense of peacefulness. Pastel Blue is often associated with nurture, and tranquility. 

Iridescent Green - Green is associated with growth, energy and adventure. Elements fundamental for play

If you are looking for art based on your company's values do not hesitate to contact me