How creating a new collection can help you and others

Art is the deepest expression of ourselves. Whatever method you use to create, be it fluid, abstract art, portraits, photography etc, art offers freedom and personally, a way to cope with existence. With daily chaos, we often forget to heal and safeguard our mental health. Art offers a space where we can really face anything because it is our own creation that comes from a deep desire, in my case art is a primary necessity, a way to exist.
Orange, blue, white Fluid art painting finished with resin by female artist Alessia Camoirano Bruges
Have you ever felt less lonely just looking at a work or creating one? Every work that I do feels like this. As if a part of me that was previously confused, nameless, painful, once on canvas becomes something that I can finally face and I know I'm not alone.
I worked on a collection called belonging which deals with the theme of belonging. The main reason why I started this collection was to reflect and represent what it means to belong, the meaning of home, to come from different cultural backgrounds. With the passage of time, this collection has become much more.
You reach a greater awareness of your own being which brings many benefits. Just like a trip; working on a collection means doing research, reading, exploring new territories and meeting new people .. A journey with many stops, surprises, achievements and in the end, something inside and outside changes.
With the belonging collection I started from a very confused place. Am I Italian or Colombian? Where is my home? What does it mean to belong to yourself? Where am I from? Which places have marked me most and especially, how can I help others to better understand belonging and feel less alone?
As months went by, each painting took shape but not only, these questions were also answered. The paintings became a starting point for conversations, friendships, advice, exchanges, points of view and understanding. I started talking to people like me, understanding their experiences and telling mine. I found a sense of community, people who feel the way I do. What I did not have at the beginning of the collection, now is here and I can share it with everyone who feels or felt like I did at the beginning.
A collection has become a community to feel less lonely, to find beauty inside and out, a way to embrace one's differences and be proud of them.
The main reason why I share my art is to communicate with others and show that we are not alone. With this collection I accomplished my mission.
In conclusion, working on a new collection is extremely rewarding and therapeutic. A way to better understand yourself and what surrounds us, a way to find similar and unlike people, to free yourself from the burdens of the soul and be free, exist and live by exploring every corner without being afraid of discovering new awareness.