Color Psychology and Chromology


Alessia Camoirano Bruges female artist and painting Dido’s Myth




Ever wonder why certain colors make you feel a certain way? Color psychology is the study of hues and how they can affect you, it refers to a psychological and interpretation of colors and their effects on human behavior and which emotional responses can be triggered by the use of colors. Color has the ability to influence a person's feelings and perceptions, often without them conscious of it. Studies have shown that different colors can trigger different psychological and physical responses. This is because of our brain's association of colors with emotions. Ever since the beginning of recorded history, humankind has used color to evoke an emotional response. Different paint colors can actually make you feel different emotions. This concept is the core of my practice. Colors interact activating the senses and allow us to reflect on our own mind. Colours always tell a story, they come from emotions, feelings, thoughts, memories. Color psychology is a guide to understand the colors that we see in everyday life. It is about how we see them, think about it and how they influence us in a variety of ways. The meaning of colours can be linked to culture, history, religion and that is why it varies however when adding the psychology of colours we can understand deeper ourselves and how and why certain colours evoke different emotions. 


Color has the power to affect our emotions and our memories in profound ways. It is a tangible thing, but also speaks on a more ethereal level. In my art practice, I use color psychology to evoke emotions and memories and to connect with people on a visceral level. Each painting tells a different story with the aid of colour. Each canvas becomes a window into an experience that encourages one to look a little closer at the nuances of the painting to discover a unique narrative. This concept inspired me to create abstract fluid images using only colors that convey emotions.

Color is everywhere. It surrounds us, and can also evoke emotions – exhilaration to boredom; peacefulness to repulsion. Color psychology has been around for thousands of years, used in many different fields ranging from marketing to art to interior design.

 By carefully designing, combining, and manipulating color, I create statements of healing reinterpretation and give insight into my personal life experiences. These colors create a psychological reaction in myself and others, such as confidence, tension, calmness,  excitement and healing. My goal is for people to see the work and feel something unique to them. 

Practical exercise 

Fine fluid art with resin in red hues by Alessia Camoirano Bruges

Red symbolises power, strength, determination. Is often associated with the energy to start something new, reach a goal. The physical effects that red has are amazing too; it increases the blood pressure and respiration. I have often used red to symbolise anger too.

Take a moment for yourself to be present and feel anything you might be feeling.