Dido's Myth fine fluid art by female artist Alessia Camoirano Bruges

Dido's Myth - Fine Fluid Art

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Dido was the founder of Carthage. She was a strong and powerful queen. This painting portrays the version given by Virgilio in the Aeined. When Aenea abandoned her by the will of Jupiter, Dido killed herself. It is a very controversial story, a tragedy.

I was inspired by mythological paintings and made a list of the most used colours. this is how I chose the colours.

High quality acrylics, pouring medium, stretched canvas 90x60 cm

This painting was exhibited at the Walton Fine arts Gallery and Laura I. Gallery

10% of sale goes to Women's Trust ; a specialist mental health charity, providing free counselling and therapy for women who have experienced domestic abuse.

To know how I chose colours, movements and story behind the painting; visit https://www.alessiacamoirano.com/post/dido-s-myth-...


Hundred shadows
picking and biting
my insides.
Swimming in between all the colours
Calm is an island
Chaos is my armour
I can be jealous of her
I can beg myself to change
But silently waiting
for you to stay away.
As I walk the city
As I jump on the district line
as I punch my wants
and hug my needs
I say goodbye to what
I used to be
But I still hold her
in my deepest thoughts
and there, just there
secretly I hold you
far away from me
yet inside of me.