Fine fluid art in blue, gold, magenta and resin by artist Alessia Camoirano Bruges

Finite Existence, Infinite Essence - Fine Fluid Art

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My existence is finite, my body will crumble and deteriorate, be part of the soil and nature once again. My essence, will travel through time, space. My ideas, thoughts, beliefs, words and colours, the very core of my essence, is infinite. My body is here only for a short time, its existence is finite.

The colours were inspired by galaxies, planets and the sky. The reason I was inspired by them is that when I look up, I can feel my essence shaking, I understand how finite my existence is and how small I am compared to everything that is around me. Yet, my essence expands through them.

High quality iridescent acrylics, epoxy resin, pouring medium, fluid improver. Colours were mixed by Alessia. 60x40 cm. Iridescent acrylics change their tone according to the light that they are exposed to. This feature makes colours pop and never dull