Psychedelic Vulnerability

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Available from mid August 2020

40x40cm on stretched canvas finished with epoxy resin.

This work explores the concept of vulnerability. Being vulnerable with someone takes courage, willingness and openness. Vulnerabilities are often portrayed as flaws instead of being areas that just need a bit of improvement. Growing up, I realised that I wanted to bee vulnerable with those whom I loved because that is the only way to know someone and let them love you and vice versa. How could I love someone or how could I understand thats someone loves me without understanding and accepting my vulnerabilities? I don't see that happening. That is why I believe that vulnerability is a gift, being open, unafraid, brave to show our true colours, show those wounds and allow others to come into our lives and experience deeper and meaningful connections. Dr Margaret Rutherford says that knowing what makes us vulnerable makes us stronger; if we know and accept our vulnerabilities, we can protect ourselves, we can have connections with others, understand each other better.

Knowing your own vulnerabilities is also one of the best gifts you could ever give yourself. Imagine being honest with yourself, accepting that there are vulnerabilities. At that point you'd be able to know exactly what to do to not hurt yourself and make the right decision.

I decided to use these colours based on colour psychology and the use of gold was used following the Japanese technique Kintsugi. Each colour is vibrant and has a meaning which expresses vulnerability and lust for real connection; with myself and those around me. Movements were delicate and the use of iridescent colours gives the audience the chance to delve deeper into the painting and discover multiple shades. I then finished the painting with epoxy resin; giving the painting a reflective and sophisticated layer.