Anxious Thoughts - Art exploring anxiety

Anxiety has a lot to say, so why not listen?

It can be crushing, and it can destroy your life, but anxiety can also help create something meaningful. Anxiety is stigmatised, it’s seen as a weakness and a problem. This project wants to focus on looking at anxiety in a different light.

Now, the purpose of this collection is not to glamorise anxiety but rather to express how it feels, how it affects and that there’s nothing wrong with feeling like this. Ultimately, my goal is to self-heal and help others who are suffering. I believe that art can be healing and that it’s important to share personal experiences in order to show you are not alone.

The “Anxious Thoughts” collection features colorful, abstract art made in the style of my anxious thoughts.

The art, which is produced in a variety of colors and styles, explores what it means to let go of anxiety and create a space that isn’t stigmatized by it. It focuses on the positive aspects of being able to recognize one’s own anxiety and work through it, rather than allowing it to control your life. Each piece is infused with my own personal experiences as an artist growing up with anxiety. I want to create a space where anxiety is not stigmatized and can be discussed openly and honestly.

Having suffered from anxiety my whole life, the aim of these pieces as NFTs on the blockchain is to offer an alternative way of thinking about mental health issues.

Alcohol ink abstract art by Alessia Camoirano Bruges exploring anxiety and mental health

Anxious Thoughts is an art series exploring the inner self and its conflicts with society. It is a conversation between the person and their own mind, and the self-doubt that often comes with it. It’s not just a collection of random artworks, but rather a collection of thoughts and emotions that have been bottled up for years.

This is a a group of artworks designed and made to be released as NFT only.

For this art collection, I’ve combined both digital and physical elements to create new worlds for you to explore.

Each painting has its own story, but together they create one powerful narrative about why we should talk about our mental health more often and how we can learn to embrace the anxious parts of ourselves.

These can be found at

Abstract art as NFT exploring anxiety and mental health