Exclusive paintings created with premium materials,  Paintings take into account both your environment and the feelings you want to create, using colors that are calibrated to yourself. There is no duplicate in the entire world, which makes each artwork unique. Commission painting sessions allow you to work with me on a personally  created piece that radiates the energy you want to attract. Art is a language for communicating on a deeper level than words. A painting can create feelings and stirs emotions that go beyond superficial conversation. When I paint I connect with the essence of the subject, without preconceptions. The idea of a painting as an energy source has been used for hundreds of years. The colors are used in a precise way to direct the flow of energy where you want it. I use a specific color for each person and each energy point. Each person has his own sound, emotional state, name, and personality traits. My goal is to provide a piece that radiates the ideal energy for you or loved ones. My paintings are created with your story in mind. I want to know who they're going to, and why they're being commissioned. I specialize in capturing the harmony within a space and working together with people to help find their balance between the energies around them, through the use of color psychology. Painting is an incredibly beautiful tool to help liberate energy, cultivate relaxation and self-awareness. Knowledge of color, composition, layer technique and visual balance are only a few of the skills I use to create my work.  I'll have your painting ready in a few weeks and will ship to you as soon as possible. I accept payment in instalments, painting commissions start from £150.


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Corporate/Small Business Commissions 

I work with offices, corporates and small businesses to create bespoke pieces for their needs. Wether you are looking for a piece to bring mindfulness in your office, a piece to reflect on your company's values or to bright up the space, I can help you with that. 
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 Art for offices