About Alessia

Alessia Camoirano Bruges is an Italian-Colombian artist based in London. She has lived in many places, each one inspiring her deeply. Her work explores identity and human experiences with the aid of colours and emotional responses. She graduated from the University of the Arts London where she studied film and TV, and learned how colours impact on our emotions and moods. She then found fluid art and was inspired by its ever changing nature, just like humans. She combines color psychology, color therapy, fluidity and emotional intensity into her arts practice, and sees each artwork as a cathartic experience in which she is able to connect to her inner child and let go of anything that holds her back by "simply" being present.

"​I was born in Italy. My mother is Colombian. I currently live in London and graduated at the University of the Arts London with first class honours. I lived in more than 10 cities and each one inspired me in a different way. Being able to live different cultures, listen to many stories and learn multiple languages influenced deeply the person I am today and my art. As I was growing up; I often felt lonely and melancholic. For years I thought there was not a way out of it. I felt hopeless. But then something changed; the moment I stared painting and writing about how I was feeling, emotions, I could feel the burden lifting up. I was finally understanding what was happening inside of me. I was not a prisoner of my own mind anymore. I started accepting myself for who I am without being afraid of what others think. I understood the importance of self love, healing and belonging to oneself. I realised that many out there felt like I did and so I decided to share my art to show that there is a way out, you are not alone.  All my life I asked myself; what does it mean to be human? What makes me human? What is the meaning behind emotions? Questions which I started exploring in my art. Therefore I do not just paint about my own experience, but I am inspired by stories that I have heard, the places I have seen, nature, the psychology of colours, colour symbolism.  I am constantly changing, evolving, transforming and eventually. I started painting and writing at a very young age. My mother was an artist and she taught me everything she knew about artists, writers philosophers and singers. We would always go to museums and galleries and that sparked a curiosity inside of me. Therefore I started writing and painting my own things, but I was also passionate about documentaries and filming; therefore I moved to London where I could study further my passions"