Artist Statement


Alessia Camoirano Bruges and her fluid abstract art in purple and gold with resin


"To me, color and nature are inextricably linked. Much of my work is driven by an intuitive response to the richness of color ad fluidity as I experience it in my surroundings. Growing up in many countries, my work is heavily influenced by the places I grew up: South America, Europe, North Africa. For me, there is something magical about the colors I see in nature and fluidity, its energy and spirit, which I love to capture in my paintings. Some of my favorite things are fluid, ever changing, and unpredictable just like life always is and that is why I use fluid art. Most piece are inspired by nature and emotions; I study these color relationships to help me deepen my understanding of each color’s unique characteristics. I do this because as human beings, we experience a multitude of emotions and experiences through our life such as love, belonging, trauma, healing and my mission is to portray these experiences and emotions as abstract fluid images as well as research their meaning with a focus on colour. I encourage the viewer to observe my work with mindfulness, fully present, allowing colours and shapes to speak directly to you. Colours have their own language, strictly related to emotions, feelings and psychology, this is known as chromology. I incorporate this practice to an analysis and reflection of myself and my surroundings. Color has the power to evoke memories of people, places, and emotions; it can help us process our emotions as well as feel a sense of belonging to something. I use this idea in my work―the art making process helps me understand myself and others. I hope that my art will allow you all to reflect on your experiences and connect with your own life experiences or even help you heal. " - Alessia Camoirano Bruges




Color Psychology


Color psychology is something that I apply daily in my artwork, as well as in my designs and life.  Since I was a child playing with paint on the canvas and color on paper, color has been something I have always responded to, studied and explored. I am naturally moved to express feelings and experiences visually. From early childhood memories of bright colors, sensations of palettes of reds, pinks, oranges, to visions of new beginnings in greens; certain colors provide a safe haven from the unknown, whereas others invoke feelings of exhilaration or excitement. Through the use of color in my art practice I want to evoke memories and emotions which explore identity and human experieces with a focus on healing.  I studied thoroughly cinema, art theory and literature; I was fascinated by the power of colour and how it has been used through centuries to convey situations and emotions. Therefore I decided to take theory into practice by working on canvas with abstract representations of emotional responses and studies of the human condition. As well as applying the aforementioned theories, I have always felt emotions as colours, my mind associates colours to emotions and feelings therefore I decided to portray my own emotional responses.