Commission - Collaboration

 I was approached by a London company to work on their values and asked to work on a painting based on Collaboration. 


Collaboration is energy, connection, people letting their ideas flow, each one bringing their own life experience and diversity to the conversation, creating a future together. I see this as a bright, energetic, messy yet balanced painting. As my art practice is based on colours triggering emotional responses and vice versa, I used colours that represent all the above.


Collaboration is portrayed using a combination of bright contrast colours. On one part there are vivid warm colour and on the other side vivid cold colours. This creates contrast and evokes energy. Strokes and blows are fluid, allowing the paint to move upwards and downwards giving a sense of constant movement , like a river of colours. This  represent collaboration at its finest, a constant movement of ideas.


Flui art commission


I used a mixture of iridescent, metallic and shimmering colours to make this painting as bright , an explosion of colours. This explosion represents what happens when we combine different people together, the flow of ideas creates a colourful spectacle which will be represented in this painting. Red is meant to capture the viewers attention, it's a colour known for its brightness and stimulating effects. Magenta is the colour known for emotional balance and cooperation. Orange representing creativity and fun as it's a vibrant and stimulating colour. Blues instead will give a sense of calm, peace and intuition.


Fluid art painting


Alessia Camoirano Bruges and fluid art


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