Commission - SEEK

When GMC2, a London company, approached me to work on their value "SEEK" I  started letting my intuition guide me and then I studied some more colour symbolism and psychology. 


Yellow and Red are the most visible colours as they have a long wavelength. Both are colours that grab our attention, these are able to change our energy levels and in the context of "seek" these colours suited perfectly. 


Red, gold and yellow fluid art  with resin


I also used gold to elevate the painting creating a luxurious vibe and finished with four resin layers. 


I wanted not only to create a beautiful fine art piece, but especially I wanted to create an artwork that would allow employers a moment of mindfulness and reflection, to take a moment to really connect with themselves and their inner selves.  I balanced this by using red which increases productivity and creativity. 

Fluid art yellow gold red


If you would like pieces for your office to reflect on mental health, do no hesitate to contact me.