Collection: Belonging

My new collection explores the theme of belonging in relation to people, places and things. It’s an intimate and vulnerable collection.

Belonging is one of the most important human experiences and fundamental for our identity. I started researching what belonging means and how important it is. The feeling of belonging, find your place, people and roots.

Researching I found that belonging is a defining need for our identity which helps coping with intense emotions, shapes our social identity, the idea of self, health and so much more. Belonging is one of the most important human experiences and needs alongside Love.

When I started this collection about belonging I had to think a lot about what does it mean to me being mixed race, what culture, country, religion, language do I belong to? What places really have impacted me and how does my heritage affect my identity?

I often felt I did not belong to one or the other. I felt that I belonged to all them and none at the same time. It was confusing, but once I understood and accepted that many people have the same experience and my adaptability and resilience also stems from being mixed I was able to love myself even more. It was very powerful to reflect on it because I was able to embrace fully who I am and stop taking for granted my heritage.

All these places, cultures, languages make me who I am and I found my home, in my body.

I spent most of my childhood in different places around the world, my father was a business traveler and so we followed him everywhere. I remember vivid images of small houses in the desert, a cottage in Tunisia, my little dog in Ecuador, the cold of Denmark and lots of parks. Our base was in Cogoleto, a small town on the Ligurian Riviera in Italy. I spent the days admiring the sea in its immensity above the hill. My mom is Colombian and every winter or summer we went there for a month. After my parents' divorce, my mom met someone and so we moved, my heart was broken. After long years of battles, misunderstandings, I decide to move to London. Place where I live and create.

12 products
  • If I can’t have love I want power
  • When you hold me in your arms
    When you hold me in your arms painting by Alessia Camoirano Bruges using colours to evoke emotions and feelings. Colour psychology and chromology
  • SoHo
    Abstract art inspired by the LGBT community
  • Sierra Nevada - Fine Fluid Art
    Fine fluid art portraying the Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta Colombia. Painted by female artist Alessia Camoirano Bruges