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The Healer Collection is a portfolio of works created to inspire healing on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually; is about healing energies. Each painting is the result of a potent healing experience and I believe color can be a powerful healer, their frequency, lightness and darkness resonate with certain emotions and can help heal the soul. Colors have the ability to effect our moods and our physical health. I want the viewers to have their own interpretation of their own experience with color and healing. My intention for this body of work is to provide the viewer with an opportunity to shift their own vibrations and tap into the energy from which the piece was created. Whether it's helping you find inner peace or releasing difficult emotions, I want this collection to guide you into the healthiest version of yourself. The Healer Collection is about going through the long process of healing and finding your way back. It’s not about perfect people, it’s about courage and strength and about sometimes winning and sometimes losing but always fighting back. It’s a collection created with our wounds in mind and our eyes on forgiveness, acceptance, wisdom, gratitude, faith and serenity. Each design in the Healers collection was inspired by a story of survival, is a story about inner wounds and healing process often inspired by my own healing journey. As an artist, I seek out universal truths through my paintings and the Healers collection focuses on healing and each painting in the collection radiates with healing energy.  I allowed the paint to flow as through it had a life of its own. Each creation was inspired by something that I have found in my life to be particularly healing and I hope it will remind you that your story is not over. 



Each painting was done quickly to bring out the vibrations of the colors. I work in a way that is intuitive, allowing the painting to guide me. This approach has kept me connected to my original mission as an artist -- to create art for healing. 

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