Collection: Intense Emotional Reactions

This collection is based on emotional body stimuli and colour. When we are afraid, our body behaves and feels differently from when we are happy or feel love. Based on this; each piece is created while feeling an intense emotion/experience such as love, anxiety, nostalgia, letting these stimuli take over to create. This practice allows to process emotions and let go, leaving the audience to express and evoke their own emotions. 

This is my biggest collection which I have been working on since 2018. This series started as an outburst and need to connect with people who feel like me and explore my own mental health. I relate to the intensity of colours expressing emotional responses. My practice is a continuous study of colour and emotions; juxtaposing the psychology of colours, nature and colour symbolism . There are certain emotions that appear to me in the form of colour and I portray them exactly how I feel and see them. I pour colour onto the surface and create different layers, I then move the surface according to the mood/emotion that I want to portray but most importantly; to the mood/emotion that I am feeling towards the experience/condition that I have observed and now portraying; creating a dialogue between body, colour and mind. This collection requires the attention of my whole body and mind simultaneously.

This process allows me to let go of anything that no longer serves me. Each piece has lyrics which help ground the work. There are no brush marks; they are used only to retouch the artwork if the artwork's mood requires a deeper attention to detail and does not stem from a raw experience or emotion.

I gave this collection the name INTENSE EMOTIONAL REACTIONS because many times, anxieties and emotions are stigmatized and mocked. Sentences such as "women are too emotional" "You should not feel like that" etc. when all some of us want is to express ourselves. Therefore I used the term intensity and emotional to create something meaningful for me and hopefully, for others. Artistically; I was inspired by Munch, Van Gogh, Tracey Emin, Lana del Rey, Pink Floyd, Lady Gaga, Sylvia Plat, Alda Merini, Niki de Saint Phalle ,Salvador Dali' and 60s counterculture.

13 products
  • Wait for me - Fine Fluid Art
    Fine fluid art in red, orange, gold, blue and yellow by female artist Alessia Camoirano Bruges
  • My body/their hands/their eyes - Fine Fluid Art
  • Disembodied - Fine Fluid Art
  • Mirrors - Fine Fluid Art
    Fine Fluid art exploring body image, mental health and lockdown using color psychology and chromology gold, blue, orange