Collection: LOVERS

I decided to explore love and loss, hoping these pieces will give you a moment of reflection. LOVERS is a series which turns experiences and emotions that relate to love and loss into abstract paintings with a particular focus on colour and composition. LOVE is a universal experience that we all share. It can be towards others, ourselves and or nature. Growing up, I understood the importance of love and self love, they complement each other. Love for me was a painful experience which turned incredibly beautiful and joyful once I started loving myself and understanding who I was. Each piece has a story ready to be explored and a deeper metaphorical meaning.

This series was created by air manipulation with tools such as air compressor and airbrush amongst others. For each piece, I research the topic I'm portraying as well as listening to carefully curated music to evoke emotions.

4 products
  • I care and it hurts
  • I dream about you often
    Fine Fluid art using colours to convey memories and feelings. Created by artist Alessia Camoirano Bruges
  • Look after yourself - Fine abstract art
    Fine abstract art pink, red, gold, light blue, silver by female italian artist Alessia Camoirano Bruges
  • All the Places I Have Looked For You - Fine Art
    Large Abstract Art painting