Fine Fluid Art by Alessia Camoirano Bruges

I belong to the sea

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I Belong to the sea - 23x30cm - Mixed Medium

I was born near the sea in Genoa, a city in northern Italy, a place that I carry with me wherever I go. I feel a deep connection with the sea, its immensity, mystery and beauty. In every memory, the sea accompanies me with its tireless strength. From the sea I learned the strength to continue, always. It crashes against the rocks incessantly, and this is how I want to live, always trying, without ever giving up.

The sea is a mystical place, where I felt my soul open up, console itself, breathe with the sound and rhythm of the waves. Contemplating the infinite, its restlessness, which sometimes seems to speak to my thoughts. Feeling so tiny but grateful to be part of the universe, to be able to swim and let go of everything that weighs me down.

I remember endless summers at the sea, chasing happiness, made by an icicle and children's laughter. Soccer, always cold showers and at sunset, the sun joined the sea, letting itself go to the horizon. And I felt at home, I felt I belonged there.

For this piece I was inspired by the sea, sky and sand in Italy. This piece is finished with a double coat of resin and I used iridescent acrylics to capture all the different shades and changes of light.